Video and photos from 2012 Dorcol Cup

Video and photos from 2012 Dorcol Cup

Thanks to a Serbian flier, Tim, we have this video and the photos.  The first indoor model shown looks like a Treger F1D with carbon prop outlines, flying in a beautiful cruise.   At the end of the video, there is a variable diameter (VD) model .

Ben Saks writes: “I think that first model might be Zoltan’s. Treger was not at the Dorcol. Today, the first unofficial practice day was busy with flights. We are in need of an ATC for the dome on these practice days. Not too many mid-airs, but always 10-20 planes in the air.  There were some 35,36 minute flights late in the evening, and some nice half motor flights earlier in the day by the favorites. One major problem was the new organizers (or lack thereof?) for the WC. They did not have enough helium to go around and a few teams were without a balloon.”

TIM also posted many photos of different F1D’s in this album.

Video of Stefan Pavelka’s VD F1D:

Photo of the U.S. Team


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