Day 3 (live) Updates (2012 WC)

Day 3 Updates

—> Award Ceremony

Individual Ceremony

Team Ceremony

—> Final Results





—> 2300 CET


  1. U.S.A.               Brett Sanborn, John Kagan, Nick Ray
  2. Great Britain   Mark Benns, Bob Bailey, Derek Richards
  3. France             Thierry Marilier, Didier Barberis, Robert Chanpion

I will post official results when I receive them from Aeronautical Union of Serbia.  I don’t know when that will be.   In the mean time, you can check at their web site to see results are updated

If you enjoyed the coverage of this World Championship, I ask that you continue to support Indoor Free Flight by building and flying your favorite indoor models and by keeping in touch with Indoor fliers in your community and with filers world  wide.    For more information about Indoor and Outdoor Free Flight, go to the NFFS website at

—> 1853 CET / 1253 EDT

Information here is not official.


  1. Lutz Schramm    (GER)   76:11
  2. Ivan Treger          (SVK)    75:06
  3. Brett Sanborn     (USA)    69:43
  4. John Kagan        (USA)    68:54
  5. Mark Benns         (GBR)

Team: 1. USA.  2 and 3 is between GBR and FRA.  (Still processing)

  1. Gabriela Kaplanova  (CZE)    62:48
  2. Alexandru Visan        (ROM) 58:49
  3. Lucas Marilier           ( FRA)   57:52
  4. ?
  5. ?
  6. Spencer Tyson      (USA)
  7. ?
  8. Parker Tyson         (USA)
Junior Team
  1. ROU
  2. FRA
  3. UKR
  4. LTU
  5. USA

—> 1830 CET

Treger’s Round 6 flight was 37:31.  Not enough to take the lead but amazing nevertheless.

Schramm’s final flight terminated early.  Prop got stuck on wing after steer.  No new record today but Lutz is new World Champion.

—> 1810 CET

Brett flies 34:59 on last flight.  Improves his time.  Finishes in 3rd place.

Lutz flight is still in the air.

Treger lands at 37:31; does not beat Schramm on this last flight,  so Schramm is new World Champion!

U.S. in first place.  GBR in second place.

—> 1740 CET

Brett’s RPM is 33 at 9 minutes.

Treger’s model got hung for a few seconds but worked itself loose.

Treger’s at ceiling.

Brett’s at ceiling

—> 1732 CET

.    Treger’s in the air.

.    Lutz Schramm’s model was accidently bumped.  He’s readying a reflight.

.    Sanborn is in the air.  Put 1800+ turns

—> 1715 CET

.     I saw Treger getting ready for a last launch.  Brett showed me the repair, and it looked ready to go.

.     Sanborn is repairing his prop.  Ben Saks is giving me live video, so I just chatted with Kagan, Hood, Sanborn, Treger, and Popa.  I’m on pause right now as Ben talks to the Argentinian ambassador.

—> 1706 CET / 1106 EDT

.     Sanborn just had a mid-air collision with Popa at 16 minutes into flight.  He will now refly.

—– 1634 CET / 1034 EDT

The top 2 out of 5 times for fliers are remarkably consistent.  The top 2 times are very close to each other, compared to the bottom 3 times.

Junior Results going into Final Round.

Individual Results going into Final Round.  It should be “Schramm” with two m’s.

Official team Results as of beginning of Round 6.  First place is within reach of U.S.A,  GBR, and FRA.  U.S.A. leads by 37 seconds.

—– 1622 CET

.      Kagan lands with 33:49.  This means that Sanborn is ahead of Kagan.

.        Nick Ray flies 27:55 in Round 6.  Way to go.  This improves Nick’s time by 2:47 and extends U.S.A. lead.  Well done.

—–  1617 CET

.        Confirmed: as of beginning of Round 6, U.S.A in first place by 1+ minutes.

—–  1550 CET/950 EDT:

.      No update, yet..  Will provide some technical info …

.      Earlier, Ben Saks talked to Lutz Schramm about his 39:10 flight in Round 4.  Lutz used 5/99, 1.27 g/m density, 0.593g total weight; he put in 1750 turns.  During the flight, there were no steers.  We’re still trying to figure out why Lutz has improved this year from 35 minutes to 37-39 minutes.

—–  1530 CET/930 EDT:

.        Round 6 takes place from 1430 to 1730 CET  (830 to 1130 Eastern time).  Two more hours ….

—– 1500 CET/900 EDT:

.      8-time world champion, Jim Richmond, has morning coffee at home in Carmel, Indiana and following this live broadcast 🙂

.      Wife Mariana says Jim planning his return to Slanic in 2014 …. We wait with baited breath … both final round action and Jim’s return.

—– 1400 CET/800 EDT:

.        After a mid-air, Sanborn gets refly.  Scores a big 34:44 for Round 5.  This puts Sanborn ahead of Kagan and in 3rd place.  This would put U.S.A. into first place by about 2 minutes, if GBR and FRA don’t imrove in round 5.

.       Nick Ray has a flight of 25:41 in Round 5.  This improves Nick’s score by 33 seconds and extends the U.S.A. lead.

.        Treger does not improve his time in Round 5.  Going in to final round, Schramm’s lead remains at 1 minute and 7 seconds.

—– 1015 CET / 415 EDT:

.        Kagan scores 34:10 for Round 5.  4 big steers.  This doesn’t improve Kagan or U.S.’s standings.  U.S.A. needs good showing in Round 5 and 6 from Sanborn and Ray.   A 34 for Sanborn would put U.S.A. in first place ahead of Great Britain.


3 thoughts on “Day 3 (live) Updates (2012 WC)

  1. Congrats to the USA team for a #1 finish and in particular to flying buddy Nick Ray for coming thru in Round 6. Also big props to other flying buddy Kang Lee for the time and effort he expended to keep us updated and on the edge of our seats throughout the whole competition!

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