Meet the 2016 US F1D junior team -Joseph Szczur


Joseph Szczur is 16 years old and his past flying experience includes being a 2016 F1D World Championships Participant, 2015 F3A Junior World Champion; 2015 F3P World Championships participant, 2013 F3A World Championships participant, ETOC 2011, 2012, 2013 participant, and National Champion Advanced Class Pattern, 2011. Joseph enjoys all RC activities and free flight. First competition was age 7, started flying at age 5. Joseph was inspired by Brett Sanborn, who 8 years ago helped Joseph fly a small indoor plane called “Lil Pieces” at a local indoor event. After watching Brett prepare over the winter of 2014, Joseph became very interested in F1D and enjoys the challenge of this event. One common aspect between F1D and F3P is the building techniques. Joseph’s most recent design for F3P includes .032 square inch balsa stringer construction reinforced with .004 boron. Joseph has most recently flown thszczur_bio_picis airplane to qualify for the 2017 F3P World Championships, finishing 3rd in the Team Trials. Joseph enjoys helping TSA students and talking about F1D with them. Other hobbies include badminton, football, and robotics.


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