2018 World Championship Round 5

As I drove in today, I noted the temp on the car was 25F, with a good hard frost overnight. Even the top of the dome was glistening white with heavy frost. Yet the sun is shining brightly and it is beautiful outside.

The round is yet to begin, yet there are a good dozen planes in the air and lots of others preparing to launch. The air so far looks promising, despite the cold.

Round has started and there are no models in the air at all. No one wants to be first up.

Bill Silin went up first. Great climb apparently, then down air.

No one wanted to be second.

About 11:30 those teams with three members ran into potential time issues, so they started flying.

One of the Japanese team members launched and it didn’t want to turn. It sort of surfed along the wall and gained a great amount of altitude, then immediately hung up.

Several others went up and so far no really great flights. Some over-torque on launch into the ground. Some start climbing, then tail slide into the ground. One won’t turn on launch and headed straight into the wall. Air is a bit strange yet, difficult to climb sometimes, others hit thermals and outclimb the site.

One of the Romanian team had a model on the line for several minutes before he got it level again and could get it off.

A French team member had a wing spar partially fold on him while steering.

Brett just launched and it is again climbing more slowly than others. Again seems to be his strategy. Slow burn to the top. Much slower RPMs than the others.

Second Japanese team member got hung up.

Brett’s model just isn’t getting high enough. Might still be a decent flight, but not in the caliber of yesterday’s one.

The Ukrainian Juniors have one way up and had a botched steer. And it climbed right back up just under the rafters. Second botched steer, then lost about 20 feet. Finally caught it and got it out of trouble.

Brett is still lazily doing circles in the center, very nice cruise so far.

Brett is now on the far side of the dome, in the sunny dining area with his balloon.

Zoltan had the best flight so far at about 25 minutes.

Kang launched into some down air and wasn’t able to grab it in time for a reflight.

Round is over, but wait! There’s MORE!

Jake Palmer had a good flight despite a midair and is now winding for a reflight.

Had a good climb so far. It is drifting a bit up near the top. Jake looks like he needs to steer a second time. And he is down.












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